Managed Server

Completely care free. Does not matter when. No matter where.

Managed Server & Service

We offer customers the opportunity to book a carefree package.

Our managed servers merge IBM Business Server, our Linux Administration and Housing into one package.

This means you only have one single contact person where all processes around your server converge.

This increases the availability and problem solving in case of failures runs smoother.

OpenBSD firewall

All in-house systems are protected by an optimized firewall. So DDoS attacks can be cushioned centrally and known troublemakers are kept outside.


If you value availability rather than performance then we also offer Managed vServers.

Database replication MySQL

Replication setup

Configuration master to master setup

Administration and monitoring of the replication

Individual software installations

If required, we also like to install additional software (FFmpeg, Ruby on Rails, etc.)

Are you IPv6 – ready?

It’s time to switch from IPv4 to IPv6 to use the upcoming protocol with less limitations then IPv4

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